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“The action, tension, and intrigue are nonstop, causing this reader to be anxious to turn the page.”

“I love this book, not only because of the new, fresh twist to the whole average vampire story, but because it is so funny!”

“The story is alive. I kept reading even when my eyes were closing at night.

Not too many years from now . . .

Not many years from now, guns are still everyday killers. Most Americans have no defense—except in Oregon, where reforms have self-defense on the rise and guns that kill on the decline.

To Oath Keeper Hank Soldado, Army veteran, ex-cop, and a good guy with a gun, his duty is clear—find a way to stop the gun-reform leader from taking away 2nd Amendment rights.

But, impossibly, the man’s freedom-destroying vision begins to feel like a way to turn America’s murderous gun impasse into self-defense, security, and safety.

Then treachery strikes, the vision is in its death throes, and Hank—Oath Keeper and good-guy-with-a-gun Hank—is the only one who can save it.

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We the Enemy, by Ray Rhamey, is a speculative thriller that tackles big issues with action and ideas.

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